Layin’ Pipe All Spring Long…

It’s busy times these days at Relish.  We just turned 4 and are moving to a new office that we’re gutting and renovating.  Oh yeah, and we’re still doing some great work for a number of new clients!

All this adds up to us needing to add some new people to help us navigate and build out the series of tubes that make up the Internet.  As we all know, the internet is NOT a big truck.  This is not a joking matter!  We need top notch web plumbers to join our team in making nothing but the finest of HTML/CSS magic.

Sound like you?  Hmm, prove it to us.  You got these skillz? If the answer is yes, drop us a line at

  • Develop standards-compliant webpages using: HTML4/5, CSS
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX
  • Great working knowledge of PHP and MySQL
  • OOP methodologies
  • High level of customization experience on WordPress platform
  • Mobile development, including application creation and deployment
  • Familiarity with a range of creative design tools including: OmniGraffle Professional, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Strong communication skills including the ability to clearly present and defend ideas
  • Collaborative personality with the desire to iterate a solution through various inputs and feedback
  • Able to effectively manage timelines and comfortably communicate with clients through the project lifecycle
  • Desire to contribute to our culture and help shape our practices
  • Must live in or be willing to commute to Toronto

by on March 30, 2011

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